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Molconcours 2024

"Giving the Earth a future"

"Giving the Earth a future"

Emissions, species conservation, nutrition, sustainability, waste reduction, and environmental impact are topics that are more relevant than ever nowadays and are subjects that people care about. What can we all do to ensure a responsible sensible use of existing resources? What do we need to change in our lifestyle or consumer behaviour to preserve the beauty and diversity of our planet? "There is no Planet B" is a common phrase when environmental protection is discussed. I'm sure you have a very clear idea of what creative solutions to help the Earth could look like. Your thoughts on this matter can inspire you to develop your own ideas. I wish you a lot of fun in the artistic realization of your inspirations.

I congratulate the organisers on choosing this interesting theme, which, thanks to its versatility, will undoubtedly appeal to many young people, and I hope that the competition will achieve the success it deserves.

How can I participate in the Molconcours?


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Terms & Conditions for Molconcours

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Age category themes

CYCLE 1 - 4/5 year olds
How can we take care of our Earth?

You can contribute to secure a future for our Earth! This is what sustainability is all about: how can we take care of our planet?

Take a look around and ask yourself: what actions can you take in your daily life that would benefit the Earth? You might decide to care of your toys so they would last longer, or remember to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. What aspects of your environment would you like to protect? It could be a beautiful plant, a tree that provides shade in the summer, or a beloved animal. Share your thoughts with your parents, grandparents, and friends. You don't have to be the sole hero or heroine; it's easier to save the world when we work together! This is an essential part of sustainability because looking after the Earth means showing respect for nature, plants, animals, and all people.

How can we take care of our Earth? Show us your ideas for a better future! Make a drawing or collage.

CYCLES 2 & 3 - 6/10 years old
Giving the Earth a future


What is essential to ensure that the Earth remains suitable for habitation? What does "sustainability" mean to you? Sustainability holds significant importance in our lives today. Ask yourself the following questions: where does the food you eat every day come from? How do you get to school: by foot, by bike, by bus, by car? What do you do with what the Earth gives you? Remember, you don't have to save the world by yourself; people are uniting to accomplish that goal.

What can we do together to keep the world safe for future generations? Show us your ideas for giving the Earth a future. You can paint, draw or make a collage.






CYCLE 4 - 11/12 year olds
What does sustainability mean to you?

What does sustainability mean? How can we make a meaningful, sustainable contribution to the world we inhabit, and what changes will occur in our lives if we embrace sustainability? To what areas does it apply? Travel, technology, work, food, clothing, leisure?
Moreover, what changes must occur in our mindset, in the way we perceive the world, for lasting change to take place within us, in a "sustainable" manner?
How does sustainability impact you personally? Sustainability is a major challenge that we can only conquer by working together. What actions are we currently taking, and what must we collectively do to achieve it?

Show us what sustainability means to you! You can use all kinds of artistic means to illustrate it: drawing or painting, or a combination of techniques.


HIGH SCHOOL - 13/17 year olds
Responsability for preserving the Earth

"Saving the world". It sounds like a huge task- and indeed it is. The term "sustainability" is on everyone's lips, but what does "living sustainably" truly entail? What does it mean to you, and what does it portend for the future? Does it involve reducing air travel, making more sensible dietary choices, or favouring local products?

How can we preserve the Earth's resources to ensure that forthcoming generations can continue to thrive in this world? What implications does this hold for our daily lives? And how does it affect our relationship with life, nature, technology, and travel? What needs to change in this area? Success can only be achieved through collective effort. What does it mean to you, and to all of us, to acknowledge our responsibilities to guarantee a future for this Earth?

Show us what sustainability means to you. You can use any creative means to express your ideas - even a combination of techniques.

What prizes can be won?

Local prizes
All drawings submitted to a Raiffeisen branch will be judged locally by our internal jury. The 3105 selected local winners can win vouchers to open a savings account and/or cards vouchers
National prizes
The local winners' drawings will then be judged by the national jury. The 15 selected national winners can win vouchers to open a savings account and/or gift vouchers.
Public award
The national winners have the opportunity to participate in the public award on our Facebook site. This is a special prize awarded by the votes of the audience.
Class prizes (for teachers only)
We give 50 classes the opportunity of winning a visit to one of our partner establishments. Teachers can register their classes when they pass their material order.