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What if your Token became mobile?

For some years now, the way people “consume” their bank has been changing considerably. Since the appearance and wide distribution of smartphones, more and more people consult and now manage their transactions online and via their mobile phone.

Are you more and more mobile? That’s great – we are too!

You don’t always have your Token at hand?

Your online banking R-Net is linked to the LuxTrust Mobile app and you can now benefit even more from its functions without having to use your Token!


It’s simple, free and always secure!



How does it work?

Step 1 > Set up the LuxTrust Mobile app


1. Download and open the LuxTrust Mobile application on your smartphone.


2. Login.

  • Enter the User ID of the device you already have (for example, your Token or LuxTrust Scan).

Note: your User ID consists of 4 letters and 4 numbers and was sent to you by SMS op by mail when your LuxTrust certificate was created.


3. Link your LuxTrust certificate to the LuxTrust Mobile app.

  • Select the device whose User ID you entered in the previous step and with which you want to link the mobile app.
  • Enter and confirm your login details.


4. Enter the verification code received vy SMS into your LuxTrust Mobile app.


5. Define a Passcode to protect the LuxTrust Mobile app that you just installed on your smartphone.


LuxTrust Mobile is now set up and ready to use!




Step 2 > Connect the LuxTrust Mobile app to your online banking R-Net

1. Log in to the mobile app of the online banking R-Net and then select your LuxTrust Mobile authentication device.


2. Enter your LuxTrust login details.


3. Connection.

  • On your smartphone: Tap on the picture and confirm that you want to connect to the mobile app of the online banking R-Net
  • On your computer: Open the LuxTrust Mobile application and scan the QR Code displayed on your screen. Next, enter the 6 numbers of the OTP code displayed on your smartphone.


You are now connected to your online banking R-Net account!


Note: We recommend that you keep your current device (for example your Token) as it will still be useful to protect your purchases on 3-D Secure merchant sites, managing your MyLuxTrust space and connecting to your online banking R-Net account.

Where to find us

Raiffeisen has branches all over Luxembourg so you will be able to find a branch or ATM wherever you are.

Any questions?

We are here to answer your questions and can put you in contact with the right people depending on your requirements.