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OPERA preferential terms

Avantages OPERA include the following preferential rates

A preferential borrowing rate on your current account with a payment card

As well as collecting OPERA points, which can be used to pay for your banker’s cards, you also benefit from a preferential rate.


Your Avantage OPERA:

  • A 1% reduction on the borrowing rate usually applicable to a current account with a payment card

Discounts on the commission payable for subscription to the main SICAV mutual funds

For many savers, investment funds are an interesting alternative to traditional savings. They are a way of diversifying placements and provide an opportunity to benefit from financial market trends.

Your Avantage OPERA:

  • 30% off the SICAV LUX subscription commission
  • 30% off the SICAV Vontobel subscription commission
  • 30% off the SICAV Union Invest subscription commission

Discounts on management commissions relating to our asset management mandates

Whether you are looking for discretionary management or investment consulting, our specialists are on hand to optimise your asset management.

Your Avantage OPERA:

  • 10% off R-Gestion commission for a discretionary management agreement.
  • 10% off R-Conseil commission for regular investment advice.
  • 10% off R-Invest commission for occasional investment advice.

In addition, you enjoy the usual benefits offered by the Bank, such as:

  • Free monthly statements
  • Free electronic transfers
  • Free, secure access to R-Net and R-Net Mobile 24/7
  • Free LuxTrust Token
Avantages OPERA

Become a Raiffeisen member and make the most of all the Avantages OPERA .

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