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Raiffeisen is a cooperative bank and that makes all the difference! Become a member by subscribing to a membership share of €25 and benefit from many advantages! At Raiffeisen, you are not merely a client of a bank. You are also its co-owner.

Raiffeisen is a cooperative bank and that changes everything


For over 90 years, Raiffeisen has enjoyed doing things differently. In fact, it is the only bank in Luxembourg that gives you the opportunity to become a co-owner.

Our cooperative status means that we are committed to supporting you and working for your sole benefit. We believe that it is only natural to put your trust in those who trust you.




Become an active player in your bank


Responsible consumption, critical thinking, and considerate behaviour with regard to our daily commitments —our aspirations have changed, and we can now “take action” by choosing to be more respectful of our values.

At Raiffeisen, you play a dual role. You are a customer but also a co-owner of the bank. You can attend the bank’s general meetings in line with the “one person, one vote” principle because you opinion counts — you are not just a customer, you are our partner.




Building strong ties together


Our goal is to offer high-quality products and services while building strong and lasting relationships with all our co-owners and customers.

Your interests are important to us, which is why customer proximity and tailor-made support are so important to us. And we make it a point of honour to reward your loyalty through our OPERA loyalty programme.





We reward your trust in us with a range of benefits

OPERA is a loyalty scheme developed exclusively for our members.
We reward your trust in us with OPERA loyalty points that can be exchanged for a range of banking and non-banking benefits.


How to spend your OPERA loyalty points

  • Use them to pay the annual fees of your debit and credit cards
  • Make deposits into an R-PlanInvest contract, Green Code Kids 0-12 or Green Code 12-18 savings account
  • Plant trees in Luxembourg or Bangladesh
  • Contribute to the donation that Raiffeisen makes to charities


Even more benefits with OPERA PLUS

OPERA PLUS is our premium package and comes with a range of benefits and discounts across all areas of banking for a monthly fee.

As a member, you can use your OPERA loyalty points to pay for all or part of your OPERA PLUS monthly fee.

Open now your bank account online!

New customer?

Get OPERA PLUS free for one year.


The share worth €25 is offered to you.

Where to find us

Raiffeisen has branches all over Luxembourg so you will be able to find a branch or ATM wherever you are.

Any questions?

We are here to answer your questions and can put you in contact with the right people depending on your requirements.