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The cooperative bank

Raiffeisen is a cooperative bank — and that makes all the difference! For over 90 years Raiffeisen has been committed to supporting you and working solely in your interest. For us, it is natural to trust those who place their trust in us.

Raiffeisen is a cooperative bank. And that makes all the difference!

Raiffeisen, a Luxembourg-based cooperative bank, has been committed to supporting you and working solely in your interest for more than 90 years. For us, it is natural to trust those who place their trust in us!

Banque Raiffeisen’s ambition is to offer high-quality products and services while forging strong, lasting relationships with all its clients, partners and members. In order to do so, we undertake to respect, apply and share the company’s longstanding values day after day:


Ambition with respect

Respect - consideration for the benefit of long-term relations

Ambition - giving our best for our clients’ success and satisfaction


Passion for local service  

Closeness - daction at local level for cordial relations

Passion - enthusiasm at the service of excellence


As a cooperative bank with its centres of interest and decision-making in Luxembourg, Raiffeisen focuses on action at local level, meaning it can make decisions rapidly and independently, with full knowledge of the regional context.

Our clients can therefore rest assured that they will always — now and in the future — be at the heart of our concerns.


The results of the TNS Ilres Banks study showed that in 2017, Raiffeisen clients were the most satisfied with their banking relationship and the most loyal.


With our branches located across the country, so we are never far away, Raiffeisen assists private clients with their everyday banking requirements, finance for their projects and management for their savings and investments. It also serves businesses and freelancers and has a team of specialist corporate advisors with vast experience in financial services and state aid, offering personalised monitoring and supervision. Finally, the Bank’s asset management specialists provide a professional service for savers and investors, in keeping with their specific risk profile.

Raiffeisen also stands out by giving its clients the chance to become members and benefit from an array of advantages OPERA.


OPERA et OPERA PLUS : benefit from the OPERA Advantages for Raiffeisen members

We are the only bank to give our clients the chance to become members and benefits from an array of OPERA and OPERA PLUS advantages.


As a Raiffeisen member, you are rewarded for your trust in us and automatically earn OPERA advantages, including preferential ratesOPERA points and a range of products and services to match each of your requirements. Being a Raiffeisen member also means you can subscribe to OPERA PLUS and enjoy a host of banking benefits included in your monthly subscription, which can be paid for in full or in part using your OPERA points.


Become a Raiffeisen member and make the most of all the OPERA advantages!

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Any questions?

We are here to answer your questions and can put you in contact with the right people depending on your requirements.

Where to find us

Raiffeisen has branches all over Luxembourg so you will be able to find a branch or ATM wherever you are.