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OPERA PLUS Advantages

Make the most of credit and debit cards, reduced processing fees for your mortgage or personal loan, a reduction on placement fees and a whole host of other advantages and rebates included in a pack, the monthly subscription for which can be paid for in part or in full using your OPERA points.

Benefits for Raiffeisen members

OPERA PLUS: less fees, more advantages!

OPERA PLUS is an array of banking benefits brought together in a single pack, helping you to reduce your banking fees considerably. 


Even more advantages with OPERA PLUS:

  • Providing a free debit card V PAY,
  • Providing a free credit card Visa Gold,
  • No statement fees on current accounts,
  • Free SEPA electronic transfers,
  • Free Raiffeisen paper-based transfers,
  • 5 free paper-based transfers to SEPA bank accounts per month,
  • 1 free cash withdrawal from another bank’s ATM per month,
  • 25% off processing fees for personal loans and mortgages,
  • 20% off the annual safe deposit box fee,
  • 20% of the R-PlanInvest subscription fee,
  • 20% off the R-Pension subscription fee,
  • 10% off the R-Invest annual fee,
  • 10% off the R-Gestion annual fee,
  • 10% off the R-Conseil annual fee,
  • No fee for blocking or replacing a card,
  • A ‘card option’ giving you access to a second V PAY debit card and a second Visa Gold credit card,
  • A sheet of 8 stamps offered by our partner POST Luxembourg. 
The OPERA PLUS monthly subscription can be paid for in part or in full using the OPERA points you earn as a Raiffeisen member.


To benefit from the OPERA PLUS advantages, don't hesitate to go to the nearest Raiffeisen branch, contact your advisor or fill out the form below.


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OPERA PLUS simulator

You have several options to use all or only part of your OPERA points.

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Benefit form the full range of OPERA PLUS Advantages

Don't hesitate to go to the nearest Raiffeisen branch, contact your advisor or fill in the form.