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Conventional savings


Discover the various savings solutions available to you.


Do not hesitate to contact an advisor or go to a Raiffeisen branch for advice on the most suitable savings solution or to open a savings account for you or your child.


Home savings account

With Raiffeisen and its partner Wüstenrot, you can open a home savings account and benefit from the tax incentives that come with this kind of investment.


Call deposit

A call deposit is a flexible form of savings. You can make deposits and withdrawals whenever you need to.


Term deposit

Designed for both private and corporate clients, the term deposit account can be used to save capital for a fixed term at a fixed rate. You can select a period of 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 years The interest rates applied depend on the duration and the amount of the investment.


R-TOP savings account

Save at your own pace and enjoy additional remuneration on any further eligible amounts you save during a promotional period.


Saving income account

The annuity savings account from Raiffeisen is a fixed-rate investment requiring initial capital of at least €5,000. It provides you with a periodic annuity — monthly, quarterly or half-yearly — made up of the interest earned on the capital.