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R-Eco Loan

The R-Eco loan is available to finance low-emission vehicles, eco-friendly renovations or energy installations
Your benefits
Special rate
No administrative fees
The interest paid is tax deductible

A loan for your eco-friendly projects

To help you with your energy transition, Raiffeisen offers the R-Eco loan, a financing solution specially designed to support your ecological initiatives. Whether you want to undertake eco-friendly renovation work, energy installations or finance a low-emission vehicle, the R-Eco loan is there to help you make your plans a reality. With this loan, you can benefit from the resources you need to reduce your carbon footprint and adopt a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Our advisers are available to guide you and help you find the most adapted solutions to your needs.


Benefit now from our preferential rate and no administrative fees.




The benefits of R-eco loans

  • Special rate
  • No administrative fees
  • Annual interest charges are deductible from your taxable income for up to €672* per person in your household.
  • The outstanding amount can be covered by an insurance policy

*The total deductible limit covers all deductible insurance premiums plus interest expenses on personal loans.

List of eco-friendly projects eligible for the R-Eco loan

Low-emission vehicle

Finance the acquisition of a low-emission vehicle, including:

  • Electric car*
  • Hybrid car*
  • Hydrogen fuel cell car
  • Electric motorcycle*
  • Conventional bike
  • Pedelec

*The installation of a charging station can be included in this funding.

Energy installations and eco-friendly renovations

Finance an energy saving project linked to your house, including:

  • Heat pump
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Boiler replacement
  • High performance glazing
  • Green roof
  • Wood heating
  • Exterior and interior insulation


Loan Simulator

Are you planning to buy a low-emission vehicle or energy installation? Calculate how much you would pay each month to refund your loan.

Your project could be eligible for state financial aid

In addition to a very attractive interest rate and a discount on the handling fees of your R-Eco personal loan, you can in some cases take advantage of grants and state financial aid, e.g. for 100% electrical cars, photovoltaic installations…



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