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Sustainable investments

Banque Raiffeisen offers its clients investment opportunities that comply with the ESG (Environment & Social & Governance) criteria, enabling them to invest in sustainable products and services that support the achievement of UN sustainable development goals.

Sustainable investments are aimed at people who want to build wealth while contributing actively to building a more responsible and sustainable future.

In the area of sustainable investments, Banque Raiffeisen offers:

  • wealth management in accordance with a sustainable directive
  • Investment funds savings plan - R-PlanInvest Sustainable
  • ESG investment funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) :
    • Funds classified as «Article 9» (with a defined sustainability objective) under the SFDR regulation.
    • Or, funds classified as «article 8» (promoting ESG characteristics) in the sense of the SFDR regulation and having a label issued by LuxFlag (ESG, Environment) or Febelfin (Towards Sustainability).
  • Green and social Bonds
  • "Fairtrade" Gold

Contributing positively to sustainability and thus to the welfare of our members and customers is obvious.

Banque Raiffeisen

Our sustainable offer:


The Sustainable Directive is intended for investors with a medium or long-term investment objective who wish to invest in funds with a positive ecological or social impact.

When you call on our services, you benefit from a personal advisor who will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening with your portfolio. In addition, you will receive on a quarterly basis our publication “Investors’ Outlook”, a portfolio overview with a wide range of performance indicators, and a tax report on an annual basis. You will have access to our "investor hotline” and substantial price privileges.

The “Directive Sustainable” of the discretionary asset management of Banque Raiffeisen is certified with the “LuxFLAG ESG Discretionary Mandate Label”, awarded by the independent LuxFLAG institute.







ESG funds

(Environment, social and governance)

In the field of investment consulting, Banque Raiffeisen works closely with its partners to offer first-class ESG funds to its customers. 

Green bonds

A range of green and social bonds is also available to our customers. 

Sustainable Investment

Make sustainable investments with Banque Raiffeisen!

Would you like to build your wealth while actively contributing to a responsible future and promoting sustainable development?

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