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Tax Optimization

You can benefit from some attractive tax incentives if you save via a life assurance policy, a pension fund or a housing savings account.

Our lawmakers want to encourage people to put money aside to protect their nearest and dearest, boost their pension or prepare for a property investment.

Whatever your personal situation, Raiffeisen has a solution to help you make the most of all these opportunities. 


Less tax,
more for the future.

Home savings account

Put money aside so you can buy a house later on and deduct €672 or €1,344 per person from your tax bill, depending on the age of the youngest saver.

R-Pension & R-Vie Pension insurance plans

Save for your pension and deduct €3,200 from your taxes, regardless of your age (following the amendments to article 111bis L.I.R. on pension savings).

R-Junior insurance and savings account

Put money aside for your children and deduct €672 per person in your household.

R-Vie Protect insurance

Use our R-Vie Protect life insurance product to save, plan and reduce your tax burden depending on your situation. 

An overview of the possibilities for tax optimisation with the products on offer

Product Deductible amount
Home savings account*

≤ 40 years of age: €1,344 per person in the household

> 40 years of age: €672 per person in the household

R-Pension/R-Vie Pension insurance plans 

€3,200, regardless of the saver’s age 

R-Junior or R-Vie Protect insurance €672 per person in the household

* N.B.: The age is the age of the youngest adult saver on 1st January of the year in question 

Video Tax Optimization

Tax Optimization

Don’t delay: start thinking about how to optimise your tax burden so you don’t have to take last-minute action at the end of the year.

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