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A share is a title deed issued by a limited company that gives the holder a share in its capital. Shareholders are therefore involved in the company’s development.

  • They can vote at general meetings of shareholders, which means that, within the limits of their share of the capital, they are involved in decision-making.
  • They are also entitled to a share of the profits distributed in the form of dividends.

The shares of a listed company may be freely sold on the stock exchange.
Share prices are influenced by many factors: 

  •  the company’s performance
  • the future potential of the market in which it operates
  • the economic and political environment
  • the appreciation of financial market participants
  • etc. 


  • A shareholder receives remuneration in the form of a dividend paid annually, half-yearly or quarterly.
  • The investor may realise a capital gain in the event of positive company performance and a rise in the share price.
  • A shareholder with voting rights may actively participate in the decisions taken at general meetings.
  • In principle, the total return potential of a share, consisting of a dividend and a capital gain, is higher than that of a bond.



  • A shareholder is exposed to the risk of share price fluctuations.
  • Investment in shares does not provide a stable and/or guaranteed income; income varies according to company performance and its dividend policy.


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