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R-TOP savings account

Save at your own pace and enjoy additional remuneration on any further eligible amounts you save during a promotional period.
Your benefits
SECURE: no-risk savings plan
PROFITABLE: attractive return on your deposits during special offers
FLEXIBLE: you can withdraw your money at any time, with no penalty payments.
ACCESSIBLE: no minimum deposit required

Boost your savings with the R-TOP savings account

Your savings yield a return at a base rate applied to all the funds deposited in your account. 
For new deposits made during a promotional period, you also benefit from additional remuneration on the eligible amounts.


The eligible amount is defined as the amount newly deposited in the R-TOP savings account during the subscription period, as long as that amount represents a net increase on the total amount of savings held in your own name with Raiffeisen. 


The reference amount taken to calculate this net increase is the highest amount of all the monetary savings held in your own name with Raiffeisen during the reference period defined in the offer.

Are you a CCP client?

POST clients can manage an R-TOP savings account via eboo. 

For further information, get in touch with our Online Branch on 2450-1000.  

R-TOP savings account

Open an R-TOP savings account and enjoy a higher return on any additional eligible amounts that you save as part of a promotional offer.

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Any questions?

We are here to answer your questions and can put you in contact with the right people depending on your requirements.