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LuxTrust Mobile

Raiffeisen uses LuxTrust to log in to R-Net. A LuxTrust certificate guarantees optimal security for your many online transactions.
Your benefits
1st LuxTrust Token free of charge
A 100% mobile certificate with the LuxTrust Mobile application
Secure access to your online services


The LuxTrust certificate guarantees optimal security for all the following operations:

  • Log in to R-Net online banking and carry out your online transactions safely
  • Log in to all other LuxTrust partner banks
  • Fill out your tax returns online
  • Take care of administrative formalities with

N.B.: You only need one LuxTrust certificate for all these operations.

In case of loss or theft of your LuxTrust authentication means, please contact LuxTrust immediately on (+352) 24 550 550.

Why not go mobile?


Do you tend to always forget your Token at home?

With LuxTrust Mobile, your Token is always at hand on your smartphone.

Simple, practical and free of charge, the LuxTrust Mobile app is your all-in-one solution, which means you can check your account and make transactions online directly with your mobile: log in to your online bank, add new beneficiaries and other sensitive operations, online taxes, processes on



The Token

In this context, Raiffeisen offers all its customers a free LuxTrust Signing Server Token and Mobile certificate.

The token is of the size of a key ring and generates a different code every 30 seconds (OTP: One Time Password). You can log in to our remote banking tools with it using a User ID and password. The certificate can also be used via the LuxTrust-App. There’s no need to carry your token with you anymore.

All you need is the LuxTrust Mobile application!

You don’t yet have a LuxTrust certificate?

Do you have an R-Net online banking contract but don’t yet have a LuxTrust certificate? Raiffeisen offers you a FREE Signing Server Token!

How do you get it? To receive your free Token, simply contact your account manager who will take care of all the steps.

Not yet an R-Net online banking customer? Go to your Raiffeisen branch to request your contract and receive your free token automatically.

You already have a LuxTrust certificate?

To confirm your identity with your LuxTrust certificate on R-Net Online Banking, you just need to click here and follow the steps indicated.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our HelpDesk (tel.: +352 24 50 20 00) or visit

Where to find us

Raiffeisen has branches all over Luxembourg so you will be able to find a branch or ATM wherever you are.

Any questions?

We are here to answer your questions and can put you in contact with the right people depending on your requirements.