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IBAN-LUX, the new bank account number structure for Luxembourg

The use of IBAN-format account numbers has been mandatory since 1st July 2005. 

  • IBAN = "International Bank Account Number"
  • Date of enforcement: 9.9.2002
  • Structure: length set at 20 alphanumeric positions
    Positions 1 and 2: country code according to ISO standards (Luxembourg=LU)
    Positions 3 and 4: check digit
    Positions 5 to 7: bank code (Raiffeisen Bank = 009)
    Positions 8 to 20: positions determined by each bank
  • Printed format: 6 blocks of 4 positions, separated by spaces; 1st block = IBAN
  • Bank ID forms can be printed out at any agency in our network
  • Your Raiffeisen Bank account number:
Country code Check digit Bank code Account no.
LU XX 009 Current number

Work out your new IBAN number

(Only valid for numbers for Raiffeisen accounts!)