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R-CONSEIL - Regular advice


R-Conseil is intended for investors who are looking for regular, proactive investment advice. You benefit from a preferential agreement with a regular specialist advisor and from products selected by our experts. You receive our quarterly publication "Investors Outlook", a statement with various performance indicators every quarter and a tax report detailing the assets you hold with us every year.


You also benefit from access to our “investor hotline” and substantial pricing benefits.


Entry threshold: €125,000


Pricing benefits

  • Stock market orders: 50% off the standard rate
  • Stock market orders via R-Net: 50% of R-Net rate (not applicable to Vontobel funds and third party funds)
  • Tax reporting: free of charge

Your other benefits

  • A regular specialist advisor
  • Access to our “investor hotline”
  • Our quarterly “Investors’ Outlook” publication, which highlights current themes and our macroeconomic vision
  • A quarterly statement with various performance indicators


  • Annual fee: 0.50% (excluding VAT) calculated only on the securities portfolio (cash deposits not included)
  • OPERA member discount: 10%

Our Private Banking advisors, either at the Bank's headquarters or at its branches, are available to provide guidance on the most appropriate solutions for your objectives and requirements.