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Safe deposit boxes

With Raiffeisen, you can hire a safe deposit box to store your securities, documents, and other valuable items and materials.

Our safe deposit boxes are secure, confidential and easily accessible

Lease agreement

Hire a safe deposit box to protect your documents, diplomas, jewellery, paintings or precious metals.  

  • Lease agreement signed for a 12-month period
  • Cost of the lease set according to safe box volume
  • Rental charge debited by standing order from your current account

Access to the safe deposit box

You can access your safe deposit box in the presence of a bank employee during your agency’s opening hours.

You may not sub-let or transfer your safe deposit box lease agreement: it is forbidden to transfer your rights to a third person by simply handing over the keys. However, you may enable a representative to access the safe deposit box after signing a proxy form.

Safe deposit boxes

To hire a safe deposit box and store your personal items security

Where to find us

Raiffeisen has branches all over Luxembourg so you will be able to find a branch or ATM wherever you are !

Any questions?

We are here to answer your questions and can put you in contact with the right people depending on your requirements.