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Saving income account

The saving income account from Raiffeisen is the ideal way of putting money away for the medium to long term, with investment at a fixed rate with initial capital of a minimum €5,000.
Your benefits
You choose how often you want interest payments to be credited
You choose how long you want to save
Guaranteed periodical annuity

A medium to long-term investment with guaranteed periodic interest payments

The saving income account from Raiffeisen is a fixed-rate investment requiring an initial capital of at least €5,000.


It guarantees:

  • An attractive interest rate set in advance
  • Periodic interest payments — monthly, quarterly or half-yearly — made up of the interest earned on the capital
  • Pay-out of the capital at maturity
  • Consult your account free of charge using the online banking R-Net and and its mobile app, any time of day or night

In addition, the Raiffeisen annuity savings account is totally flexible, with:

  • Your choice of investment period (minimum one year). You can select a period of 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years
  • You choose how often you want interest payments to be credited to your account
Saving Income account

Contact your Raiffeisen advisor to learn more about the current terms and conditions and benefit from personal advice.

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Raiffeisen has branches all over Luxembourg so you will be able to find a branch or ATM wherever you are.

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