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R-GESTION - Discretionary asset management

R-Gestion is for investors wishing to benefit from the expertise of our discretionary fund management specialists. When you call on our services, you benefit from a personal advisor who will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening with your portfolio. Your assets are managed according to your risk profile and the selected discretionary management strategy. In addition, you will receive quarterly our ‘Investors’ Outlook’ publication and a statement of various performance indicators and tax reporting on the position of your assets in our books.


You will have access to our ‘investor hotline’ and substantial price privileges.


The Sustainable Directive is intended for investors with a medium or long-term investment objective who wish to invest in funds with a positive ecological or social impact.


Qualifying threshold: €125,000

More information about sustainability here.

Preferential rates

Pricing benefits

  • Stock market orders: 50% discount on the standard rate
  • Tax reporting: free of charge

Other benefits

  • A personal advisor
  • Access to our ‘investor hotline’
  • Our quarterly ‘Investors’ Outlook’ brochure with all the latest news and our macroeconomic view
  • A quarterly statement of various performance indicators


Standard rate

  • Annual management fee: 0.50% p.a. + VAT (Discount for OPERA PLUS members: 10%)


Performance rate

  • Annual management fee: 0.30% p.a. + VAT (Discount for OPERA PLUS members: 10%)
  • Performance fee - only applicable if net performance > 2%:(net performance - 2%) x 0.10 p.a. + VAT

​Our directives

Benchmark indices

The benchmark indices had been defined for each asset class composing the portfolio. The different indices allow the calculation of a global index per investment directive. The quarterly performance of the R-Gestion portfolio is compared to the performance of this global index.

The below scheme contains the different indices per asset class for each investment directive.

The benchmark indices may be identical for several investment directives, but the allocation varies from one strategy to another.

A written plan describing the measures that shall be taken in case of a substantial amendment or disappearance of the indices is constantly kept up to date.

Structure by asset class

Benchmark indices

Cash & Equivalents

FTSE 1 Month Eurodeposit EUR


Bonds EUR (Bloomberg Euro Aggregate)

Global Bonds (Bloomberg Global Aggregate EUR-hedged)

High Yield Bonds (ICE BofAML Global High Yield EUR-hedged)

Emerging Markets Bonds (JPM EMBI Diversified EUR-hedged)


Europe Equities (MSCI Europe NR)

Global Equities (MSCI World NR)

Emerging Markets Equities (MSCI EM NR)

Sustainability-related disclosures

Product disclosures Format
Aggressive PDF
Dynamic PDF
Balanced PDF
Defensive PDF
Sustainable PDF

Our service explained by our Private Banking advisors


Discretionary management

An asset management specialist on-hand to advise you and guide you with the management of your assets.

Where to find us

Raiffeisen has branches all over Luxembourg so you will be able to find a branch or ATM wherever you are.