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R-GESTION: Discretionary management

R-Gestion is for investors wishing to benefit from the expertise of our discretionary fund management specialists. When you call on our services, you benefit from a personal advisor who will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening with your portfolio. Your assets are managed according to your risk profile and the selected discretionary management strategy. In addition, you will receive our ‘Investors’ Outlook’ publication every month, plus a quarterly statement of various performance indicators and tax reporting on the position of your assets in our books.

You will have access to our ‘investor hotline’ and substantial price privileges.


Qualifying threshold: €125,000

Preferential rates

  • Stock market orders: 50% off the standard rate
  • Tax reporting: free of charge

Other benefits

  • A personal advisor
  • Access to our ‘investor hotline’
  • Our monthly ‘Investors’ Outlook’ brochure with all the latest news and our macroeconomic view
  • A quarterly statement of various performance indicators


  • Annual commission: 0.375% (excl. VAT)
  • OPERA member rebate: 10%
  • OPERA PLUS member rebate: 20%

Our directives

Discretionary management

An asset management specialist on-hand to advise you and guide you with the management of your assets.