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Non-financial report

True to its values as a cooperative bank and its commitment to responsible and sustainable finance, Banque Raiffeisen will continue to support the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative - Principles for Responsible Banking (UNEP FI - PRB) in 2019 by focusing its approach on three key areas:

Internal initiatives involving all employees

A full range of sustainable products and services

An inclusive corporate culture and an attractive, dynamic and stimulating working environment

This report is the second official publication of Banque Raiffeisen's sustainability achievements and performance, integrating information on the activities and management operations within its branches and headquarter based exclusively in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Bank's three management commitments


  • Ensuring ethics, transparency, professional conduct and integrity
  • Ensuring the long-term economic security of Banque Raiffeisen
  • 150 million

    (+ 4.2% of economic value generated)

  • 2376 households

    assisted in the purchase of a property

  • 1128 students

    received support for post-secondary education plans

  • 1029 entrepreneurs

    received support in furthering their professional projects

In the wake of the health crisis and considering the growing need to build a resilient future and to promote responsible and sustainable growth, Bank Raiffeisen is using its economic value as a fundamental pillar contributing to the national economy.

"Our members are the custodians of a project formed almost 100 years ago by courageous and visionary men and women who decided to join together to obtain better access to credit. Together henceforth, we are building the present and the future of this idea."

Marie Casimiro

Corporate Officer


  • Ensuring diversity and equal opportunities
  • Encouraging dialogue with our employees
  • Focusing on talent retention and attraction
  • Developing skills and continuous learning processes
  • Improve consultations with stakeholders and their satisfaction levels
  • 85 %

    participation rate of the internal satisfaction survey

  • 75 %

    of employees recommend that their friends and family engage on a career with Banque Raiffeisen

  • 4 days

    of training per average per employee

  • signatory

    of the « Charte de la Diversité »

"Diversity is the cornerstone of a rewarding and sustainable collaboration."

Stéphane Leydet

Responsable Administration et Finances RH


  • Gradually reducing our carbon footprint and amounts of materials consumed
  • 14 % of water use

  • 23 % of electricity use

  • 21 % of paper use

  • 302107 tonnes of CO2e

    (-14 % )

"Reducing our environmental footprint is a collective effort that relies on appropriate infrastructure and a sustainable approach driven and shared by the Bank's various internal and external stakeholders"

Bertrand Parisot

Responsable Facility Management