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Press Release -Banque Raiffeisen and Raiffeisen members make donations worth € 50,000 to ten charitable organisations

17 January 2022

Banque Raiffeisen and Raiffeisen members respect tradition by financially supporting various Luxembourg charities.

True to its values as a cooperative bank and its social commitment, Banque Raiffeisen has for several years replaced its end-of-year gifts with donations to charities.

By the end of 2021, ten charities had received donations worth a total of € 50,000.

Banque Raiffeisen presented a cheque for € 5,000 to representatives of the following seven charities:

  • Handicap International au Luxembourg, the Luxembourg branch of the international association which has been helping disabled people for more than 35 years in over 60 countries;
  • Le Soleil dans la Main aims to mobilise resources to support society and individuals in their community development, child protection and equitable access to education in Burkina Faso;
  • Les Amis de Gambie, founder in 2009 of an orphanage in Gambia, aims to offer a future to the underprivileged children of that country and participates in various projects for the local population
  • Lux Rollers a.s.b.l. promotes and organises wheelchair basketball competitions;
  • Plooschter Projet aims to raise public awareness of leukaemia and to help patients affected by it;
  • Protransplant a.s.b.l., created in 2011 by a group of patients, those with transplants, relatives and carers, promotes organ donation in the country and provides support to transplant patients, their families and patients waiting for transplants;
  • Stëmm vun der Strooss works for social and professional integration, supports the most disadvantaged and helps the homeless.

Three other associations also received similar donations thanks to the OPERA points accumulated by all Raiffeisen members. The cooperative bank offers its clients the opportunity to become Raiffeisen members and thus benefit from OPERA and OPERA PLUS advantages. The more Raiffeisen members work with the Bank, the more OPERA points they receive. These points can be used, inter alia, to pay for bank cards, to contribute to the savings of a minor child or to make a donation to a charitable organisation.

The representatives of each of the following three associations were therefore also presented with a cheque for € 5,000:

  • ALA - Association Luxembourgeoise Alzheimer a.s.b.l., an assistance and care network specialising in the care of people suffering from dementia, which, through its various structures, makes it possible to offer the people concerned the benefits provided by nursing care insurance;
  • Cent Buttek a.s.b.l., which is made up of volunteers and is supported by supermarkets, bakeries and small shops which provide surplus food, redistributing it to children’s homes and those for adults;
  • Foyer Eisleker Heem a.s.b.l. provides day and night accommodation for people with mild to moderate mental disabilities, in a protective atmosphere and with guaranteed care.

The diversity of objectives pursued by these charities illustrates Raiffeisen’s desire to help people of all ages who find themselves in different situations of distress. Although the aims are different, what characterizes all the associations receiving donations is their commitment to providing support to those in need.



Sarah Melcher

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