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Nouvelles  « Conditions Générales régissant les relations de la Banque Raiffeisen avec ses clients »  et « Conditions banque en ligne R-Net » applicables à partir du 1er janvier 2020.


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24 October 2019

L’agence Raiffeisen Pétange a déménagé

Une agence aménagée pour allier confort d’accueil et conseil personnalisé

L’agence Raiffeisen à Pétange vient de déménager. La nouvelle agence, située à 200 mètres de l’ancienne, accueille les clients dans un cadre agréable et convivial. Banque Raiffeisen poursuit ainsi ses efforts de...

21 October 2019

Branch Remich reopened

Dear clients,

we herewith inform you that the Raiffeisen branch in Remich has now reopened. The ATM is still out of order until further notice.
The ATM  of the branch in Mondorf, located at 13, Avenue François Clément, is at your disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


21 June 2019

Phishing campaign in progress

The Bank has been informed that a voice phishing campaign designed to get hold of confidential information of bank clients is under way.  This campaign takes the form of a phone call given to clients by a person impersonating a Bank employee who reports that their accounts and cards are blocked...

03 June 2019

Banque Raiffeisen Conference

In the spirit of sustainability

This very special conference hosted by Banque Raiffeisen was held at the Philharmonic, in the capital. The focus of the event was "Sustainable investment - Succeeding together, where we fail alone." The invitation to the...

24 April 2019

The hands of innovation award 2019

Banque Raiffeisen supports "The Hands Of Innovation", the Innovation Award in Handicrafts. Organized by the "Chambre des Métiers", this prize is intended to...