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As a socially responsible company, Raiffeisen supports initiatives and projects in the areas of culture, sports, social action and sustainable development.

Your projects are important to us

Banque Raiffeisen's sponsorship policy reflects its core values of respect for long-term relationships, customer satisfaction, local action and a passion for customer service.

Our sponsoring activities are divided into four areas

Focus on young people
Raiffeisen supports children and young people at all stages of their lives and sponsors sports, music and educational activities.
Building a sustainable future together
As a cooperative bank, being responsible is part of our make-up. Raiffeisen supports sustainable organisations and events such as the Acoustic Picnics, the Musée du Déchet, Université dans la Nature, and others.
Art and culture, a visionary spirit
As the proud organiser of the Molconcours in Luxembourg since 1980, we support art and culture as a tool of expression and a vehicle for social development. Some examples: LOA Festival, Luxembourg Art Week, UGDA, etc.
Local and philanthropy action
Customers and their economic and social environments are among our core priorities. Raiffeisen shows its support in the charitable, social and humanitarian field, through such organisations as UNICEF, SOS Village d'Enfants Monde, Broschtkriibslaf, Caritas, etc.

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