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Press Release - Banque Raiffeisen: “gold sponsor” of the 3rd edition of the “Musée du Déchet”

24 July 2023

The 3rd edition of the “Musée du Déchet” (Museum of Waste - The MuD) will be held until 30 September 2023. Conscious of its social and environmental responsibility, Banque Raiffeisen remains “gold sponsor” of the event and goes even further by making its former premises in Strassen available free of charge.


A journey to 2050

It’s 2050. Waste has disappeared from our environment and from our lives! If you want to remember what rubbish looked like in the past, you need to go to the museum, because in the year 2050 we have finally learned to manage all our resources better by making the most of them. So much so that even the notion of waste has disappeared. No more crushed cans, empty water bottles, beer or soda cans lying around, discarded electronic devices, broken toys piling up...

In 2050, there is only one way to see this waste from another time: by going to the Musée du Déchet.


A unique concept

The social impact company LCCE (Luxembourg Center for Circular Economy) is responsible for the initiative of this museum, which plays the original card so well. LCCE is active in raising awareness and promoting the circular economy, but that’s not all. One of its objectives is to inform citizens about ideal resource management and waste treatment by highlighting three main themes: plastics, electronics, and textiles.

Hence, to achieve this, the company's managers have come up with the concept of the Musée du Déchet (The MuD), a nomadic “pop-up museum” which aims to raise awareness of the issue of resources and waste among all the players in society - from citizens to decision-makers and companies. In addition, the museum aims to involve them in matters of climate change and the preservation of biodiversity, while remaining in line with the “zero waste” and “circular economy” strategies defined by the Luxembourg government.

On request, the MuD team welcomes all interested parties, groups (from 5 people) as well as school classes from cycle 4.1 (children as from 10). An educational offer has also been developed and is available on request (registration by e-mail to

Occasional openings are planned during the summer period on weekdays and weekends. The exact dates will be communicated through social media channels. For the latest updates, please visit our Facebook page:


The former Raiffeisen branch in Strassen hosts the 3rd edition of the MuD

In keeping with its itinerant vocation, the Musée du Déchet first stopped in the City of Luxembourg in 2021, then in Esch in 2022. During this last edition, those in charge of the event have succeeded in creating a setting which allowed the visitors to understand that most of the waste which makes up the famous “black bin” would better be recycled or put in a compost bin.

For its 3rd edition, the Musée du Déchet has found a choice site in Strassen, in the premises of the former Raiffeisen branch which the cooperative bank is making available. It is a ground floor space of just over 200 square metres, ideally located on the Route d’Arlon.


The social and environmental involvement of Banque Raiffeisen

Commitment, respect for deep-rooted values as well as social and environmental responsibility are part of the DNA of Banque Raiffeisen, the country's leading cooperative bank. In this context, the Bank, as a partner or sponsor, supports numerous organisations and initiatives of a sustainable or ephemeral nature. With its objectives of raising awareness and educating all stakeholders, the Musée du Déchet fits in perfectly with the projects that Banque Raiffeisen actively encourages and supports. 

While Banque Raiffeisen was the main sponsor of the first two editions of the MuD, the Bank is taking its commitment even further this year by becoming “gold sponsor” of the MuD and by making its former premises in Strassen available.

Aware of the role it has to play in the emergence of a responsible and sustainable transition, Banque Raiffeisen confirms through this sponsorship its respect of its values, the importance of its commitment and its concrete involvement in protecting natural resources and ensuring the preservation of the environment for present and future generations.

As Sarah Melcher, Head of Retail and Corporate Communication at Banque Raiffeisen says, “Our bank implements a sponsorship strategy which enables it to support organisations and associations which share the same values. Banque Raiffeisen's aim is to help the community and its members while focusing on the Luxembourg territory. In this context, we believe that any activity relating to one of the themes selected in this strategy deserves our attention and support. Our strong involvement in the Musée du Déchet fits perfectly with our new sustainability sponsorship strategy


Musée du Déchet (The MuD)

From 16 January to 30 September 2023

163-165 Route d’Arlon -165, L – 4023 Strassen



Luxembourg Center for Circular Economy Sàrl 

The Luxembourg Center for Circular Economy Sàrl - SIS (“société à impact societal” – social impact company) aims at training, raising awareness, informing, advising, and promoting the circular economy philosophy and deploying the “Cradle to Cradle” (C2C) and circular economy methodology to clients or potential clients in order to design innovative processes, products and services based on the C2C philosophy.