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Press release - “Circular’ISER”: the allegory of a sustainable world

10 November 2021

Banque Raiffeisen is hosting the exhibition “Circular'ISER” from 5 November to 30 November 2021 at its head office in Leudelange, with an opening ceremony at the preview on the evening of 4 November. No fewer than 40 committed works of art, under the banner of sustainability, created by the young artist Thomas ISER, await visitors.   

Under this evocative name, which combines the artist's surname (Thomas ISER) and the theme of the exhibition (the circular economy and, more generally, sustainability as a whole), followed by the deceptively non-militant phrase “There is nothing to see”, the young performer's committed art exhibition is taking place from Friday 5 November to Tuesday 30 November 2021 at the Banque Raiffeisen head office.

For this exhibition, the self-taught performer, graffiti artist, photographer and painter decided to use the 17 sustainable development goals as laid down by the UN. Through his painting Dead Tree, Thomas invites everyone to reflect on hunger, depicted by an empty and dried-up tree. 7th Heaven features a heterosexual couple kissing; the painting therefore conveys the notion of gender equality.

To kick off the event, Banque Raiffeisen organised a preview, which took place on Thursday 4 November 2021 at the Bank's head office in Leudelange, in the presence of the artist, Romain Poulles, Managing Director of PROgroup and President of the Higher Council for Sustainable Development, and Yves Biewer, President of the Management Board of Banque Raiffeisen.

The artist and globetrotter Thomas Iser spoke at length about his life, stating poetically that “I am very happy to present my work in a complete way, with photographs, paintings, installations, objects, and so on. This exhibition is intended to plant a seed in the minds of viewers in order to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow. Let us hope it germinates in time.”

Romain Poulles spoke about what he considers to be the ins and outs of this exhibition: “Thomas and I wanted this exhibition to be in the service of a cause, that of humanity's most important challenge: building a sustainable world.”

For his part, Yves Biewer stated that “If the Bank wished to highlight the work of the artist Thomas ISER, it is because his creations wonderfully reflect the societal issues of sustainability by which we are all confronted and for which Banque Raiffeisen militates and works on a daily basis.”

The exhibition is open to the general public from 5 November to 30 November 2021 (weekdays only), from 08.00 to 18.00, at 4 Rue Léon Laval, L-3372 Leudelange. 

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