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Press Release - The members of the cooperative bank Banque Raiffeisen respect the tradition by financially supporting several Luxembourgish associations.

25 January 2023


Banque Raiffeisen members donate € 30,000 to various charities

Banque Raiffeisen has been active on the Luxembourg market for almost a century and has always dedicated itself to upholding the values and commitments inherent in a cooperative bank. Close to its private and professional customers, offering sustainable and responsible financial products, Banque Raiffeisen also intends to pursue the social commitment, which is part of its DNA, in particular by making annual financial donations to various Luxembourgish associations with the help of its OPERA members.

Six Luxembourgish charitable associations are beneficiaries

In the presence of Laurent Zahles and Jean-Louis Barbier, both Members of the Management Board, the Bank continued the tradition by making donations for a total value of € 30 000, of which € 5 000 went to each of the following organisations:

  • Wonschkutsch Asbl: based on the work of volunteers who are mostly trained paramedics, carers or nurses. Created in 2018, this association aims, free of charge, to carry out the last wishes of terminally ill patients who are unable to get around on their own;
  • LIGUE HMC Asbl: created in 1963, this association supports people with intellectual disabilities and is committed to their social inclusion;
  • Special Olympics Luxembourg: founded in 1979, Special Olympics Luxembourg is the sports federation for people with an intellectual disability. It allows them to practice various sports activities according to their interests and abilities;
  • Femmes en Détresse Asbl: this association offers women, their children, and young girls protection against violence through developing and managing women's and young girls' homes, counselling, and information centres. It also provides them with temporary accommodation, with or without supervision; 
  • Wäertvollt Liewen Asbl: the aim of this association is to set up a national network of reference and competence for people suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or a similar pathology, in particular by accompanying people suffering from ALS and their relatives, by representing their interests and by contributing to the presentation of a model of home care 24 hours a day thanks to competent and reliable people;
  • Île aux Clowns Asbl: based on the work of volunteers, Île aux Clowns works in hospitals and other social and health establishments and structures to bring good humour, joy and smiles to people, both children and adults, who are confronted, temporarily or otherwise, with difficult living conditions.

Donations made possible by the support of Raiffeisen members

The donations made are financed exclusively with funds from Raiffeisen members who have taken the initiative to exchange the points they have earned in the OPERA loyalty program for a donation to one of the charities.


OPERA, the unique loyalty program in Luxembourg

At Raiffeisen, you are not merely a client of a bank. The cooperative bank allows each customer to become a member, by subscribing to a € 25 membership share and thus benefit from the OPERA loyalty program, which is unique in Luxembourg. Members also have the opportunity toto subscribe to the OPERA PLUS formula. With OPERA PLUS, they benefit from numerous price advantages in all areas of banking.

As members, Banque Raiffeisen customers can use their OPERA loyalty points, partially or fully, to pay their monthly fee for the OPERA PLUS premium package, participate in the reforestation of certain regions selected by Banque Raiffeisen, convert their points into savings or opt for financial support for Luxembourgish associations. The more the client is involved with the bank, the greater the number of points they gain.


Local sponsorship as part of the DNA of the cooperative bank

In donating again this year to various Luxembourgish associations, Banque Raiffeisen confirms its values as a cooperative bank, demonstrating its willingness to play an active role in the country's social and solidarity-based fabric and showing its strong commitment to the charitable, social and humanitarian sector.

Moreover, the diversity of objectives pursued by the beneficiary associations perfectly illustrates Banque Raiffeisen's desire to help people in distress. Although the aims of these associations are fundamentally different, they are all distinguished by their dedication and commitment to offering help, advice and support to those in need.