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Press Release - As a cooperative and civic-minded bank, Banque Raiffeisen also positions itself as a responsible bank

07 April 2022

True to its values as a cooperative bank, Banque Raiffeisen is committed to taking a responsible and civic-minded approach, both internally with respect to its employees and externally through its range of sustainable products and services.

For almost a century, Banque Raiffeisen has been offering financial solutions tailored to Luxembourg companies active in all sectors. The Bank positions itself as a supporter of the national economy. It also remains close to and attentive to private and professional clients, offering advantageous and effective solutions, particularly in the context of real estate projects, savings, and investments.

Banque Raiffeisen also positions itself as a responsible and civic-minded bank. In this context, it has committed itself to an eco-responsible and sustainable approach, especially by developing a range of ESG products and services which are integrated into its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 2020-2025 strategy.

Within this framework, Raiffeisen’s four main commitments are defined by:

  • ensuring ethical, transparent, and participatory governance,
  • promoting sustainable growth and protecting its economic and natural resources,
  • the development of its human capital,
  • the accessibility of the transition for all actors towards a sustainable economic model.


A dynamic bank which fosters the satisfaction of its employees
Banque Raiffeisen has launched an employer branding campaign entitled “Thank God it’s Monday”, presenting the Bank as a dynamic company which promotes quality work and employee satisfaction. The campaign helped to encourage team spirit and a commitment to performance, to enhance the role of existing employees and to attract new talents.

As a signatory of the Diversity Charter of Inspiring More Sustainability a.s.b.l. for several years, the Bank has implemented an equal opportunities policy to promote diversity within its teams. Finally, remuneration levels are based exclusively on experience and skills, with an elimination of gender gaps and a better objective assessment of performance at all levels.


Training and career opportunities
As of 31 December 2021, Banque Raiffeisen had 648 employees, a net increase of 9 in one year. The staff consists of 290 women and 358 men of 12 different nationalities, with an average age of 41 years.

Regarding the R-Academy, 4,722 hours of training were provided in face-to-face, video conference and e-learning formats. A new evaluation policy was also introduced, with different levels of assessment. Overall, based on an anonymous employee satisfaction survey conducted using the “cawi” (computer aided web interviews) method, staff satisfaction is very high, despite the health restrictions of the last two years.


Support for local communities
Banque Raiffeisen also implements a sponsorship strategy to support organisations that share the same values. This strategy aims to ensure greater transparency, clarity, and coherence with respect to the public, but also greater efficiency through a dedicated web page.

For the Bank, activities relating to one of the four themes selected in the sponsorship policy - sustainability, sport, arts, and culture, social and humanitarian - play a crucial role in social cohesion. In this way, Banque Raiffeisen sponsors sports and cultural activities as well as charitable projects throughout the country. In 2021, sponsorships amounted to EUR 411,119, benefiting over 200 local associations.



Sarah Melcher

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