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Press Release - Banque Raiffeisen becomes a Partner of the Luxembourg Paralympic Committee

03 June 2024

The ASBL Luxembourg Paralympic Committee, and Banque Raiffeisen are pleased to announce their new partnership. True to its core values and mission as a socially responsible bank, Raiffeisen aligns itself as a partner of the ASBL.


Enabling people with disabilities to participate in sports

Established in 1973, the Luxembourg Paralympic Committee aims to make sports accessible to people with disabilities by providing a full range of disciplines, from recreational activities to high-level competitions. In just over half a century, the ASBL has facilitated access to sports for people with disabilities by introducing new activities, enhancing infrastructure and mobility for athletes, conducting awareness campaigns, and investing in the training of instructors and coaches. The non-profit association acknowledges the multiple opportunities sports provide for people with disabilities and thus is committed to maximising their potential through volunteer work, technical investment, and financial support.


Supporting the Paralympic movement in Luxembourg
In this context, the support of official partners and private sponsors is essential for the continuation and development of the ASBL’s activities. The president, Marc Schreiner, highlights how important their support is for the Luxembourg Paralympic Committee: “… The Paralympic movement in Luxembourg has been active for over 50 years, and the future of Paralympic sports in our country holds great promise. However, to realise these goals and support athletes with disabilities, we must rely on the assistance of our sponsors and partners. By joining us as a partner this year, Banque Raiffeisen reaffirms its strong commitment to our endeavors and initiatives, a gesture that we deeply appreciate...”


A partnership that reflects Banque Raiffeisen’s values

Laurent Zahles, Chairman of the Management Board of Banque Raiffeisen, believes that actively supporting the Luxembourg Paralympic Committee aligns with the spirit and philosophy of the bank: “… As a cooperative bank that belongs to its members and customers, and as a socially responsible institution, we believe it is our duty to support organisations and associations like the Luxembourg Paralympic Committee, doing remarkable work in assisting athletes with disabilities. This partnership perfectly embodies the bank’s values. We are therefore eager to pursue our collaboration with the ASBL to help accomplish its objectives and continue empowering people with disabilities to realise their potential through sports…”