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R-Net legal notices

Information note on the R-Net application

Banque Raiffeisen, which is a cooperative company, shall be referred to below as the “Bank”.

Users of the R-Net application are encouraged to read this note carefully before continuing with the application.

Users of the R-Net application confirm that they have read and understood, and that they accept the contents of, this information note. Those who do not agree with this information note are asked to quit the application.

Contents of the R-Net application

The R-Net application allows Clients to securely access a variety of banking and financial services offered by the Bank via the Internet using a device designed for that purpose.

The information published on the R-Net application is purely informative in nature and does not constitute an offer from the Bank, subject to any duly notified restrictions. As such, it must in no circumstances by interpreted as an incitement to buy or sell.

The information published on this application does not constitute investment advice or legal, accounting or tax advice. The information and opinions published on the application are strictly intended for personal use. They may be amended at any time without prior notice.

The Bank takes all necessary measures to ensure that the information published on the application is accurate. The Bank only publishes information that, in its opinion, comes from a reliable source. The Bank may not, however, be held liable as a result of any inaccurate, incomplete or erroneous information or if the published information is falsified or manipulated. The Bank offers no warranty on the accuracy of the information published on the application by other parties. 


Clients are informed that only messages sent to the Bank via the electronic messaging service available on the R-Net application are secure; Clients are therefore strongly recommended to use this messaging service to communicate with the Bank.  Clients who send emails outside the R-Net application do so at their own risk.

Clients are solely responsible for the equipment they use to access R-Net (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.). They must therefore ensure that their equipment has appropriate security features (avoiding the use of shared equipment, e.g. in Internet cafés) and is free from viruses and other programmes that may compromise their own data or the confidentiality of their activity or communications on the Internet. Clients are also recommended to act prudently and discreetly to avoid losing or compromising information (usernames, passwords, tokens1) and thereby allowing third parties to assume their identity. In the event that the means of authentication used by the Client to access the R-Net application is lost, stolen or is suspected of being compromised, the Client must notify the Bank immediately.


1 The “LuxTrust” (certification authority) digital authentication methods through which Clients may access R-Net.




The Bank holds the copyright in all trademarks published on the R-Net application. The use and publication of pages uploaded to the application, irrespective of the intended purpose, must first be authorised in writing by the Bank. Authorisation is also required to reproduce or amend full or partial pages or transmit them by electronic means and to add links to other Internet pages. The application’s pages may be printed provided that they are not amended and that the Raiffeisen logo and this information note are not removed therefrom.

Data protection

The processing and use of personal data in relation to the R-Net application complies with legal requirements on the protection of personal data. Customers are invited to refer to the relevant provisions of the Bank's General Terms and Conditions, the R-Net Terms and Conditions.


Where the R-Net application contains links to other websites, the Bank shall not be held liable for those websites in any respect whatsoever.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The governing law is Luxembourg law.

Users of the application are informed that the Luxembourg courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disputes concerning the use, interpretation or implementation of the information and data on this website.

Legal documents

Legal documents Format
R-Net general terms                                                              PDF