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Current operations for corporate clients

Raiffeisen offers an easy way to manage your money from day to day, complete with a range of payment methods from the Bank: credit transfers, standing orders, direct debits,...

The ideal way to settle your bills, transfer funds and invest your money

Standing orders

Standing orders let you make regular payments or transfer a set amount to a savings account every month. It is an automatic, recurrent transaction.
As long as there is money on your account, the recurring payment will be made.
Standing orders are ‘electronic’ payments and therefore benefit from preferential pricing

Direct Debit

Direct debits - make your life easier! When you set up a direct debit (or domiciliation) for your bills, you authorise your supplier to request payment from your bank. You don’t need to do anything else — your bills will be paid automatically. Contrary to a standing order, the initiator of the payment is the creditor, for whom this means of payment is a quick and easy collection method.


Current operations

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