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R-Leasing is a conventional leasing arrangement for our business clients: independents and freelancers, SMEs and key accounts.

The ideal way to acquire your specialist professional equipment

This flexible, modular formula is recommended when acquiring specialist professional equipment, which is often costly: medical or surgical materials, agricultural equipment, heavy industrial or construction equipment, vehicle fleet (cars, commercial vehicles, industrial machines, and so on).

    Advantages of R-Leasing

    • The cost of investment is established at the outset
    • The monthly instalments are fixed
    • No impact on credit facilities
    • An option to buy at the end of the lease agreement
    • Tax incentives and the opportunity to benefit from tax deduction
    • Balance sheet neutral: the investment is not listed on the asset side of your balance sheet and the debt does not appear under liabilities
    • Lease payments are tax deductible


    Financing of the full amount, as principal, with no requirement for a deposit from your own funds. This means you retain your financial resources for use in your day-to-day activity or to invest in other development projects.

    Raiffeisen can fund the equipment you need: vehicle fleet, production machines, agricultural equipment, high-tech medical or surgical equipment, heavy industrial machines, and so on. Raiffeisen takes care of the purchase and leasing.

    For the duration of your agreement, you pay the lease payments for your equipment. 
    There are three options at the end of the contract:

    • You purchase the equipment
    • You take out a new lease on the equipment
    • You return the equipment to Banque Raiffeisen

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