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Finance your activity

Discover all the financing solutions for your company.


Investment loan

Aimed at our professional clientele (freelancers, the liberal professions and companies), the investment loan is the ideal solution for all your needs.



Leasing is a conventional leasing arrangement for our business clients: the liberal professionals and freelancers, SMEs and key accounts.


Credit line

Designed for companies and freelancers, the current account credit facility is an agreement whereby Raiffeisen permits you to have a negative balance on your current account for a given period, charged at a variable interest rate.


Equipment loan

Luxembourg’s Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement (SNCI) provides economically viable businesses with equipment loans via their bank.


Collaterized loan

For companies located in Luxembourg, the Mutualité Petites et Moyennes Entreprises (MPME) and the Mutualité de Cautionnement et d’Aide aux Commerçants (MCAC) can guarantee loans to fund investments.


Bank guarantee

The concept of bank guarantee covers a wide range of solutions available from Raiffeisen with the Bank committing its signature to third parties on your behalf.


State aid

Many investments are eligible for state aid. Our advisors are on hand to explain the specific requirements and the application procedures.