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Visa Business credit card

For company representatives

Find out what the Business Visa card can offer you

The Visa Business credit card is especially intended for company representatives for their daily business expenditure. It is an efficient way to pay, especially for travel and hospitality expenses. It is accepted by millions of retailers, not only in Luxembourg but across the world. It can also be used to withdraw cash from countless ATMs and bank branches.

All transactions are listed on a detailed card statement: repayments begin at the start of the month following the statement.

In addition, the card comes with special assistance you can rely on when travelling abroad.

Travel insurance

  • Assistance during a trip abroad

Travel accident insurance

Travel accident insurance following an accident on public transport ​


Insurance General terms Frequently Asked Questions How to make a claim?
Travel assistance

Contact Europ Assistance : +32 2 541 91 50

Travel accident insurance

PDF (form)

Contactless credit card

Adopt a new way to pay! Wave your card over the payment terminal — and that’s it!
No changes to your card — only the payment method is new!

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In the event of theft or loss of your credit/debit card or disclosure of your PIN code, please call Worldline Financial Services immediately on: +352 49 10 10 (24-hour service)

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