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Rental guarantee

Renting an apartment, studio flat or sharing a house? Does your landlord need a guarantee of solvency or surety?
Your benefits
Interest income on the amount blocked
Valid for rentals in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and abroad
No fees for the release of funds

How it works

The amount corresponding to the rental guarantee is blocked on a Raiffeisen savings account for the full term of the lease. When your lease terminates, the deposit can be released on receipt of a letter from the landlord.

However, if the landlord calls on the bank guarantee to cover any damage you may have caused, the contract stipulates that this is enforceable on first call.

Applying for state aid to fund a rental guarantee

People hoping to obtain state aid to fund a rental guarantee can submit an online application to the Ministry of Small Businesses, Tourism and Housing.

If you can present a letter of ministerial approval for aid for a rental guarantee, your Raiffeisen advisor will be happy to process your application.

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