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Finance - Student loan

Student loan CEDIES, 0%-advance, rental guarantee, .... discover all the forms of bank loans for students at your disposal to finance your studies.




The ‘0% advance’ loan

Are you a student and waiting for acceptance of your CEDIES application to obtain your loan? Still need to pay the rent on your student accommodation and buy school supplies?


Study PLUS loan

To provide you with the flexibility you need to make the most of your life as a student, Raiffeisen offers the Study PLUS loan for an amount up to €15,000 at an advantageous rate of interest.


Rental guarantee

In an apartment, studio flat, house-sharing or hall of residence? Does your landlord need a guarantee of solvency or surety? 


CEDIES student loans

Use a CEDIES student loan to fund your studies and benefit from a rate of 2% guaranteed by the State.