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State-guaranteed student loan

The state-guaranteed student loan is a form of State aid for students, who must start repayments no more than two years after the end of their studies.
Your benefits
Up to ten years to repay
An interest-free advance available
Digitalised loan application
€150 offered for all first subscriptions

To remain fully focused on your studies

With a state-guaranteed student loan, you have the power to decide your future. Enjoy a flexible loan repayable up to 2 years after the end of your studies and over a period of up to 10 years. What's more, the loan application is entirely digital and can be requested using your smartphone, from the R-Net application. Super convenient. 

To give you the flexibility you need and let you fully focus on your student life, Raiffeisen offers two options*:

  • A zero-interest advance of up to €3,000 on the state-guaranteed student loan.
  • The complementary Study PLUS loan up to €15,000 (annual pay-outs of €2,500 per year for 6 years) at a very attractive rate.

Whether you opt for a state-guaranteed student loan alone or combine it with a Study PLUS loan, you don’t need to worry about repaying your loan until after the end of your course.

*subject to acceptance of your application

Applying for a loan online, how does it work?

Step 1.

Submit your application on Once examined and validated by the Ministry, you receive an official agreement with a QR-code.

Step 2.

Once you have received the agreement, simply scan the QR code on the letter of agreement from your R-Net app and follow the steps.

Step 3.

Receive the funds on the bank account you've selected during the loan application process. It's that simple.

Your online student loan application, step by step.

Scan the QR code on the MESR acceptance certificate with your R-Net app and get your student loan immediately.

A little help to make the most of student life.

When you sign for a student loan, Raiffeisen offers your 1,000 OPERA points, which you can swap for cinema tickets or other benefits. 

Have you just received your high-school diploma and are now thinking of taking out your first student loan? For every student loan or advance on a student loan taken out with us, Raiffeisen offers a €150 voucher.

If you sign up for your loan, we'll give you €150

Choose from the following 3 options:

*This is neither a recommendation nor an investment advice

Student loan

Use a student loan to finance your studies and make the most of the Green Code Study advantages.

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