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The Molconcours

Every year, Raiffeisen organizes its now traditional art competition for youngsters aged 4-17 years.


Go to our Facebook page and vote for your favorite drawing!

Like your favorite drawing and allow the young artists with the most "likes" and "emotions" to win great prizes!

Vote until August 02, 2024 and win 1 gift voucher worth € 100 (draw on 05.08.2024)! 


Rules for voters

Rules for the artists

International drawing contest

Under the sponsorship of the National Education Minister Claude Meisch, this annual international contest brings together young artists from six different countries: Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

True to its origins and ambitions, Banque Raiffeisen demonstrates a commitment to building strong, long-lasting relationships with all its clients, and especially children and teenagers, through its annual drawing contest.




Competition rules

Paint, draw or compose what you want by using whatever you want. Black and white or colour, ink or watercolor, colour pencil, chalk, felt tips, spray or charcoal. Compose a poster,a comic, a collage or a montage. Work with printing techniques or digital image processing, via computer graphics or photomontage (no flash) - all techniques are allowed.

Who can participate?

The drawing contest is open to minors:

  • aged between 4 and 17 (at the time of participation);
  • with the prior consent of their legal guardian(s);
  • regardless of whether they are a customer of the Banque Raiffeisen;
  • with a valid postal address.

The rules to follow:

  • drawings must be submitted before 15/03/2024 at a Raiffeisen branch or sent by post to the Communications department of Banque Raiffeisen S.C.; 
  • they must be in A3 format;
  • all fields in the entry form must be completed clearly;
  • the drawing must relate to the set theme: “Giving Earth a Future”.

Frequently asked questions

If my child's school/class is not taking part in the Molconcours, can my child take part individually?

Yes, your child can take part individually. Simply contact us by e-mail at:

Where can I pick up the Molconcours drawing sheet and leaflet?

The drawing sheet and leaflet will be delivered directly to your home or school once you have placed your order via the online form for teachers or by email to

Where can I drop off the finished drawing? Can I send it by e-mail?

The drawing should be handed in at the Raiffeisen branch closest to your school or home. 

No, unfortunately it is not possible to send the drawing by e-mail. 

How will I know if my child has won a prize for his/her drawing?

All winners receive a letter at the end of the competition. 

My child cannot come to the prize-giving ceremony. How can I get my prize back?

Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will send it to you by post. 

When and how can I collect my drawing?

The drawing can be collected from the agency where it was submitted from July onwards. It can also be sent by post if the request is made by e-mail to

What happens to drawings that are not collected?

Drawings that are not collected are kept for 1 year in the agency where they were submitted.

Do children who did not win receive a prize?

No. However, each child receives a gift when the drawing is presented.

On which products can the Raiffeisen savings bond be used?

The Raiffeisen savings bond can be used on one of our R-Junior savings products.

Results of the past years