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The Molconcours

Every year, Raiffeisen organizes its now traditional art competition for youngsters aged 4-12 years.

International drawing contest

Under the sponsorship of the National Education Minister Claude Meisch, this annual international contest brings together young artists from six different countries: Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

True to its origins and ambitions, Banque Raiffeisen demonstrates a commitment to building strong, long-lasting relationships with all its clients, and especially children and teenagers, through its annual drawing contest.

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2023 edition - “WE. What does togetherness look like?”

The 53rd International Raiffeisen Competition will run from 16 January to 24 March 2023.

This year, artists in cycles 1,2,3 and 4 (aged 4 to 12) can give free rein to their creativity on the theme of togetherness.

What does togetherness look like? Most of all: what does togetherness mean to you – in your opinion, in your life, in your experience? Is togetherness about family and friendship? Or do we stick together as a country and a nation? What does togetherness mean at a global level? Togetherness can mean so much. It can mean showing solidarity towards minorities. It can also mean being there for each other, to comfort, protect, or stand up for someone. Togetherness also means being connected, for example with nature or with animals.

How to participate?

Participation is open to children and teenagers between 4 and 12 years of age.

We recommend the teachers order the drawing papers and corresponding brochures for the entire class or school via our online form below before 6 March 2023. All art works should be submitted to the Raiffeisen branch of your choice before 24 March 2023.

If you are not participating with a school, simply contact us by email:

The prizes

By taking part in the traditional Molconcours organised each year by Banque Raiffeisen, you can win great prizes:

  • Local prizes
  • National prizes
  • Public Prize
  • Class prizes*

Initially, each drawing is presented to a Raiffeisen jury panel. The drawings of local winners will then be submitted to a national selection panel. Drawings will be judged to determine the national winners at the bank's headquarters. The national winners from cycles 2, 3 and 4 will be automatically entered in the international competition. The public prize is run on Raiffeisen’s Facebook page which spotlights the national winners’ drawings. Participants who vote for their favourite drawing automatically

*Teachers can register their class before 24 March 2023 to participate in the draw to win entry tickets to the Vitarium by Luxlait and discover the world of milk and agriculture. Tickets for 50 classes will be drawn! The tickets will be mailed after the draw.



Competition rules

Children and teenagers between 4 and 12 years of age can participate. Drawings for cycle 1 entrants (4–5-year-olds) will be assessed at local and national level. Those for the 6-12-year-olds will be assessed at local, national, and international level. The neutral juries will apply the following criteria: overall impression, independence, originality, imagination, power of expression.

The jury’s decisions are final. Appealing to the courts is excluded. By sending their creation, participants guarantee that they have produced the work themselves (that they are the author). They give us the right to publish it. All artworks will remain the property of Banque Raiffeisen. Winners will be notified in writing or by phone. The value of the prizes will not be paid in cash. Paint, draw or compose what you want by using whatever you want. Black and white or colour, ink or watercolor, colour pencil, chalk, felt tips, spray or charcoal. Compose a poster, a comic, a collage, or a montage. Work with printing techniques or digital image processing, via computer graphics or photomontage (no flash) – all techniques are allowed.

IMPORTANT: You do not have the right to reproduce or copy. It is your personal ideas that we are interested in! Play fair above all! Your picture must be of A3 size (42 x 30 cm). Please include your surname, first name, address, birth date, school name, and the name of your teacher in capital letters on the entry form.


For more information on the processing of personal data, please consult our Information Notes on events, games and competitions available on the Bank's website under the heading "Data Protection". 

Video recordings and photographs may be taken during the event and may be published in various media, including on the Internet. If you do not wish to appear in the images, please let the organisers know at the event.

Results of the past years