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Job Starter Pack

The Raiffeisen Job Starter Pack offers over EUR 500 in banking and non-banking benefits to get you started in your professional life.
Your benefits
Free banker's cards
Over 500 EUR non-banking benefits
Preferential rate on your savings
Credit rate on your current account
Fees offered for any new rental guarantee

Vidéo - GreenCode Job 18-26 FIRST JOB, A WHOLE NEW LIFE

Job Starter Pack - Your benefits

The nerves of your first day in the job, the joys of your first apartment, the stress of your first responsibilities and the excitement of your first dates! We’ve helped you come this far and we’re still here whenever you need us.


Banking benefits

  • Current account for free, free quarterly orders, credit rate of 0.10%, preferential lending rate
  • Your V PAY debit card free for 2 years
  • Mastercard Gold or VISA Classic credit card also free for 2 years 
  • Preferential rate for your savings (up to 30 years included)
  • For Raiffeisen members : Exchange of OPERA points for movie tickets
  • Membership share of 25 € repaid in OPERA points
  • For any new rental guarantee, fees offered

Non-banking benefits

  • At the signing of a Pack Bamboo from POST Luxembourg, get a FRITZ!Box router, a FRITZ! cordless phone and a FRITZ! accessory for free (total value : 387 €).
  • When you subscribe to a 1-year subscription at JIMS Fitness in Luxembourg-Gare or Beggen, your registration fees are free, the 1st month is free and 1 personal training session is offered (total value: 130,99 €).
  • You benefit from a discount of 20 € per CMCM (Caisse Médico-Complémentaire Mutualiste) insurance that you subscribe to. Your discount can go up to 60 €.


  • Lux Golf Center offers 1 access for 1 person or 1 hour trial course in a group session of 4 to 6 people
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on the total of your bill in one of the many Concept Partners restaurants
  • Do you like climbing? Red Rock gives you 25% off an entry
Job Starter Pack

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