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R-Pension & R-Vie Pension insurance plans

R-Pension & R-Vie Pension are two savings formulas offering tax incentives and helping you set aside funds so you can make the most of your retirement later on.
Your benefits
Possible tax deductibility
Personalised savings scheme
A supplementary pension

Plan today for a happy retirement

Raiffeisen offers R-Pension & R-Vie Pension so you can look forward to retirement with full peace-of-mind. R-Pension is open to anyone aged 18 to 65 and is a supplementary savings scheme for your retirement, offering very welcome tax incentives applicable immediately.

Article 111bis of the amended law on income tax provides for annual income tax deductions. The upper limit for tax deductibility is EUR3,200 per yearregardless of the taxpayer’s age.

The table below gives an indication of the maximum total tax impact according to marginal tax rate.

Marginal tax rate 
22% 32% 39%
+/- 720 EUR +/- 1,035 EUR +/- 1,235 EUR 

N.B. Example calculation: maximum annual tax impact

Examples on the basis of the INCOME TAX BRACKETS applicable as from the 2017 tax year:

Marginal tax rate 22%

  • Single person with annual income of +/- 30,000 EUR
  • Married couple with annual income of +/- 60,000 EUR

Marginal tax rate 32%

  • Single person with annual income of +/- 39,000 EUR
  • Married couple with annual income of +/- 78,000 EUR

Marginal tax rate 39%

  • Single person with annual income of +/- 48,000 EUR
  • Married couple with annual income of +/- 96,000 EUR

Conditions for deductibility

  • The beneficiary is the policyholder if still alive at the term of the policy
  • The policyholder is the insured part and the taxpayer 
  • The minimum subscription period is 10 years 
  • The term is the insured party’s 60th birthday at the earliest and their 75th birthday at the latest
  • The capital at the term of the policy may be fully reimbursed at the time of retirement, or converted into an annuity payable monthly, or both. 
  • The amounts paid in during the year may exceed the deductible limit. 
  • The policy may not be subject to cash surrender, policy loan, collateral pledge or security agreement.

Tax on benefits:

  • Annuity payment: tax exempt for 50%
  • Capital at term or earlier: taxed at half the global rate


For maximum flexibility, R-Pension provides two alternatives to suit your requirements and your intentions

R-Pension :
Regularly invest the amount of your choice in one of the sub-funds of the Lux-Pension investment fund.

  • The return on your capital is largely dependent on financial market trends. As a result, neither the return nor the capital invested can be guaranteed.
  • Possibility of opting for products with little exposure to financial market fluctuations.

Learn more about SICAVs

R-Vie Pension  :
Opt for a conventional life insurance (with our partner Raiffeisen-Vie S.A.), where the final capital is guaranteed whatever happens, thanks to your periodic payments.

  • Guaranteed capital on maturity and a share of the annual profit (not guaranteed)
  • The longer you save, the greater the return on your savings

Technical characteristics (R-Vie Pension)

  • R-Vie Pension must be taken out as single-life policies
  • Minimum periodic premiums: EUR50 per month or EUR600 per year
  • Premiums payable on the dates set in the agreement
  • Possibility of depositing an amount of your choice or paying a single premium at any time during the year
  • Index/reset option: no

Transactions during the life of the policy

Reductions are possible subject to the conditions and limits set out in the policy’s general terms and conditions.
Whenever the deductible upper limit changes, Raiffeisen Vie will invite the policyholder to adapt their policy to the new limit.

R-Pension & R-Vie Pension

A Raiffeisen advisor is available to help you find the best solution for your personal situation.

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