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Investment funds


An investment fund collects capital from the public in order to invest it in assets (equities, bonds, etc.) in accordance with the investment strategy defined when the fund was set up and the legal framework imposed by its country of domicile.

SICAV (Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable)

A SICAV is an open-ended collective investment scheme. It is a company whose objective is to pool the risks and benefits of an investment in transferable securities(shares, bonds, etc.), negotiable debt securities and other financial instruments authorised by the regulations and the SICAV’s articles of association. SICAVs have their own legal personality. The Company has a Board of Directors and shareholders of the SICAV have voting rights at the annual general meeting.

A SICAV is often split into sub-funds that pursue well-defined investment policies or objectives. The sub-funds may differ in terms of the currencies, geographical areas or business sectors in which they invest. Investors may switch sub-funds (usually for little cost).


  • Investment funds reduce their risks by diversifying their investments across asset classes, regions and sectors.
  • Thanks to the great diversity of mutual funds available on the market, each investor can find a solution that meets the desired investment strategy.
  • Fund managers are experienced specialists who use their expertise to ensure the fund achieves the best possible performance.
  • A fund invests in markets that are difficult for private investors to access


  • Investment fund units may only be traded at certain times. The investor is forced to respect those times and is thus limited in his scope of action.
  • The investor does not have direct control over portfolio management, which may lead to differences with the investor’s expectations.
  • The management of an investmentfund is remunerated by a management fee, which is usually supplemented by an entry and exit fee.


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