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Save with a SICAV investment fund

SICAV investment funds are a reliable and profitable way of setting aside savings for the future. Thanks to the wide array of funds on offer, you can opt for the policy that best suits your present and future requirements. Since the investment funds offer optimal diversification, even for small amounts, you can aim for potential higher returns.

In addition, you will benefit from personalised supervision and support from a team of specialists who provide a professional management service and share their experience and investment advice. 

A closer look at the SICAV funds

What is a SICAV?

SICAV stands for Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable, or open-ended investment company. SICAVs are limited liability companies set up to manage a portfolio of securities in line with its stated objectives: specialisation in an asset class (shares, bonds, etc.) and/or a specific zone or category.


The main SICAV categories found on the financial markets 

SICAV are divided into a number of categories according to the type of investments that they make:

  • monetary - these funds invest in short-term debt instruments issued by States or businesses. They are usually low-risk. Their returns depend on the short-term interest rates.
  • bonds - these funds invest in bonds and come with a moderate risk, requiring an investment timeframe of at least 3-5 years.
  • equity - the risk is higher with these funds, which are ideal for long-term investors with a timeframe of at least 5-10 years.
  • mixed - they split their investments over several asset classes, primarily shares and bonds. The risk level is moderate to medium.

Within these categories, there are funds focused specifically on the Euro zone so there is no exchange risk, while others invest in regions across the world.

The benefits of investing in a SICAV

  • Risk reduced by spreading assets over a range of securities and instruments in different markets or countries.
  • Transparency - Publication of prices in the media every stock market trading day.
  • Professional management - Within the framework of a pre-defined investment policy, the portfolio managers select the most promising securities so you don’t have to worry about selecting individual securities yourself.
  • Liquidity - shares in the fund can be sold daily.

Raiffeisen SICAV

Vontobel NAV returns table

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