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This SICAV fund has two sub-funds:


Each sub-fund is a distinct pool of assets.

The sole objective of the sub-funds is to invest funds in a range of securities to spread the investment risks and let shareholders enjoy the benefit of the results of portfolio management.

All the capital is invested in a way that spreads risk, with at least 50% of the net assets in each sub-fund in liquid assets denominated in the currency(-ies) assigned to the sub-fund in question. The term liquid assets includes money market instruments that, at their time of acquisition, have initial or residual maturity of 12 months or under. Any balance may be invested in money market instruments and/or bonds.


Date founded 27/04/1990
Benchmark currency EUR / USD
Type of equity Capitalisation/Distribution
Subscription fee 0,1%
Redemption fee No fee
Subscription/redemption cut-off time 12:00
NAV calculation Daily

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