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Fund features

Fonds mixte (max. 30% actions)

Investment policy

The mixed Lux-Croissance SICAV invests its assets mainly in bonds denominated in EURO and with up to a maximum of 30% in international equities listed on an official stock exchange.

Risk profile


(situation on 28/06/2016)


Bonds 72,98%
Equities 22,40%
Other 4,62%


Breakdown (by country)

(situation as at 06/2016)


United States 50,54%
Germany 12,50%
Netherlands 10,40%
Denmark 5,40%
France 4,15%
Switzerland 4,06%
Sweden 3,31%
Other 9,74%


Change in prices

(situation as at 06/2016)

Recommended investment horizon

Medium and long term



The information, simulations and prices contained in this marketing document, which are not contractually binding, are provided for information only and do not constitute a sales offer, investment advice or an investment incentive. They do not replace the investment advice of a manager and do not exempt you from conducting your own assessment.

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 Simulations are provided for information only and the prices of the UCITS may increase or decrease. Positive performance of a UCITS in the past is not a guarantee or an indicator of future returns. The selection of UCITS may be modified or removed at any time, without notice or prior information. Information, simulations and prices are taken from sources deemed to be reliable. However, Banque Raiffeisen s.c. gives no warranty as to the quality, accuracy, relevance or exhaustiveness thereof. As a result, Banque Raiffeisen s.c. will not be liable for any consequences that may arise due to inaccurate information, simulations and prices, save in the event of fraud or gross negligence. Furthermore, Banque Raiffeisen s.c. will not be liable for any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential) caused by the circulation of this document or its content, particularly for any loss that arises due to the risks inherent in financial markets. The opinions expressed are those of Banque Raiffeisen s.c. at the time the document was drafted and may change at any time, without any information being issued to this effect.

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